Safer Spaces Policy

At the ANU Disabilities Student Association, we seek to build up a community where students with disability are free to be themselves without judgement or discrimination. Our Safer Spaces Policy reflects this goal, and accordingly the Spoons Space, all ANUDSA events, and our Facebook group are subject to this Policy. What this Policy is fundamentally about is treating one another with respect. When attending an ANUDSA event, visiting the Spoons Space, or posting/commenting on our Facebook Group, it is expected that you will act in a respectful way towards each and every person you encounter.

By entering a Safer Space, you agree to:

  • Respect people’s opinions, beliefs, and differing points of view
  • Respect the physical and emotional boundaries of others
    • This includes providing trigger warnings before discussing distressing topics
  • Respect everyone’s right to live without intimidation, harassment, or discrimination
    • This includes not engaging in any behaviour that is ableist, racist, sexist, ageist, transphobic, homophobic, queerphobic or sizeist

This Policy is purposefully not an exhaustive one. As such, trying to subvert the rules on a technicality will not stop any member who breaches the general principles or spirit of the Policy from being sanctioned.

Where you believe another person has acted in a way that contravenes either the letter or spirit of this Policy, you have several options.

You may:

  1. Explain to them why you feel their behaviour was unacceptable
  2. Remove yourself from the event, space or conversation
  3. Report a breach of the Policy to a Designated Person

Designated Persons include the Officer, the Deputies, or any other persons who have been assigned this role. There will be a Designated Person at every official ANUDSA event, and they will make themselves known to everyone at the start of the event. Where a Designated Person is not immediately physically present, you should contact the Officer or the Deputies.

Where a Designated Person is satisfied that a member has breached the Policy, they will inform them that they have breached the Policy and ask them to cease the behaviour or acts that are in breach of the Policy.

Events or Spoons Space

  • If a member continues to breach the policy, a designated person may ask the member to leave
  • If the member refuses, a Designated Person may contact the Officer and request that they ask ANU Security to remove the member

Facebook Group

  • If a member breaches the policy, a Designated Person may delete the offending comments or posts in addition to notifying the member
  • If the member continues to breach the policy, then a Designated Person may remove the person from the Group